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Sewer Snake / Auger 25' (Power)

Sewer Snake / Auger 25' (Power)


4 Hours: $27
24 Hours: $36
Weekly: $107
Monthly: Call For Quote

*Special pricing for contract and long term rentals. Download Spec Sheet

Special Pricing

Overnight Rates: 4hr rate

Weekend Rates: Only 10% more than the 24hr rate


The 25' Drill Snake offers you a complete system for cleaning drain lines through 3” in diameter. With a variety of cables, cutter and accessories available, you have the right combination for any clogged drain problem.

The 25' Drill Snake is built to clear clogged drains for a decade or more. And our Dyna-Thrust™ bearing system is one reason why. It helps carry the weight of the drum, significantly reducing wear on the motor shaft bearing and extending the life of the tool. Of course the cables are Flexicore® – with an integral wire rope center. Nobody makes cables like General.