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Grinder Attachment – Carbide Strip-Serts

Grinder Attachment – Carbide Strip-Serts


24 Hours: $36 (Single) | $72 (Double)
Weekly: $180 (Single) | $350 (Double)
Monthly: Call For Quote

*Special pricing for contract and long term rentals.

Special Pricing

Weekend Rates: 24hr rate


Strip-Serts are carbide tipped blocks designed to clean floors without grinding into the concrete.

Strip-Serts have a replaceable, multi-sided tungsten carbide edge that can be rotated for maximum use.

Ideal for:

  • Removing mastics, paints, resins, tar, fiberglass, ice and industrial buildups

Strip-Serts are designed to strip away coatings not to grind concrete. Grinding concrete with Strip Serts will dull the sharp edges quickly causing the grinding action to stop.

Accessory Installation