Tool Rental and Equipment Rental Rates and Info

3-5" Hand-Held Grinder (Electric)

3-5" Hand-Held Grinder (Electric)


4 Hours: $12
24 Hours: $17
Weekly: $34
Monthly: Call For Quote

*Special pricing for contract and long term rentals.

Special Pricing

Overnight Rates: 4hr rate

Weekend Rates: Only 10% more than the 24hr rate

Paddle switch with lock-on for better operator comfort and control.

Directed air flow diverts dust away from switch and vital components.


  • 7.5 Amps, 11,000 RPM
  • Vibration control side handle - Reduces vibration up to 60%, providing uncompromising comfort for extended periods of work
  • AC/DC capability - Extends the versatility of the tool by working from DC outlets such as welders and generators
  • Sealed switch - Keeps debris out of the switch mechanism and extends switch life
  • Service Minder brushes - Eliminates guesswork, stops the tool when preventative maintenance is required
  • Epoxy coated field windings - Provides ultimate protection against abrasive dust and metal debris
  • 5/8-in-11 Spindle - Wide flexibility for mounting most popular accessories
  • Tool-free adjustable guard - Quick guard installation and adjustments
  • Spindle lock - For quick wheel changes
  • 2-Position auxiliary handle - Specifically designed and angled to a "natural" position for maximum comfort and control
  • Paddle switch with lock-on - For better operator comfort and control
  • Directed airflow - Unique design diverts dust away from switch and vital components
  • Double insulated, UL listed, complies to OSHA