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Winter Ready Checklist

Winter Ready Checklist

date November 17

With the hustle of the holiday season, it is easy to forget the importance of winterizing our homes. We ALL know the only consistent characteristic of a Georgia winter is inconsistency! It is best to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw our way this winter.

  • Heating System -  The two best times of year to service your system are in the spring and fall. Winter and summer are times of heavy usage for your heating/cooling system. Even the best systems need to be properly maintained in order to function at peak capacity. Either doing it yourself or having a technician fine tune your system and change the filter will help your system to run smoother and more efficiently throughout the winter. Also, make sure all your vents are open and unblocked so air can freely flow.
  • Seal the Gaps - To prevent cold air coming in or warm air escaping, now is the time to inspect prime spots around your home for air leakage. Check around windows, doors, and anywhere plumbing, ducting, or electrical wiring is coming into your home. A tight seal will not only help with the bills it will also protect your home from unwanted pests looking for a place to overwinter.
  • Check Insulation - Low levels of insulation or gaps and voids in the insulation can provide access for heat to easily flow out of a home. Proper amounts of energy efficient insulation can have a dramatic effect on bringing down your heating bills.
  • Drain Pipes - When temperatures dip below freezing, outdoor pipes filled with water can burst. Winterize and drain your sprinkler system and disconnect and drain any outdoor hoses.  If possible, shut down the water supply for outside spigots and drain the remaining water. You can also place an insulated dome around each spigot for further protection.
  • Insulate Pipes - Be sure that all water supply lines in unheated areas are wrapped in insulation. Look for pipes needing extra insulation in the basement, crawl space, attic, garage and under cabinets. Even a small burst pipe can lead to a major home repair.

Don’t get caught unprepared! The knowledgeable staff at Nickell Tool Rental can equip you with the tools and equipment you need to weather any winter storm.