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This One Rental Will Knock Out 12 Different Jobs!

This One Rental Will Knock Out 12 Different Jobs!

date February 25

Spring is on the way and that means that it’s time to get into cleaning mode! There is just something about the warmer air and sunshine that makes you want to get outside and knock out some projects. But which project on your huge list do you do first? We have a suggestion… if you wish to knock out a lot of projects at once and get several things in tip top shape for the warm season, we recommend renting a pressure washer! Pressure washers are great if you wish to bring to life exterior items that have gotten a little dull over the years, as they take off things like dust, chalk, mildew, and old paint using highly pressurized water.  

Here are a few ideas:

1.    Brick or Siding

The exterior of the house can get awfully yucky with muck and grime and other describing words of the gross nature. Using a pressure washer on the exterior of your home, can greatly improve the way it looks which can also increase the value if you’re trying to sell.

2.    Garage Door

The Garage Door goes through a lot of ups and downs over the years. Literally! The constant usage of the door allows it to collect lots of dirt. The pressure washer comes in handy too when the kids shoot their free throws at that basketball goal above the garage door!  Scuffmarks disappear like magic.

3.    Driveway

The driveway is probably one of the most common areas to pressure wash because it has the most traffic. Tires on your car are driving all over town and bringing who knows what home to your driveway. Not to mention that sidewalk chalk that your kids got for Christmas and that glass of red wine your Aunt Mona spilled on the white concrete last New Years Eve… give your driveway a clean canvas each year by pressure washing!

4.    Patio or Deck

Our patios and decks are hope to Memorial Day cookouts, Fourth of July celebrations, and lots of birthday parties. You can give your patio or deck night and day type differences just by taking a few minutes to pressure wash them. Your party guests will be asking when you hired someone to redo your deck all night long, because it will look brand new!

5.    Grill

Because of all those outdoor celebrations, your grill has seen better days. The grill can get so much build up on it from the charbroiling of burgers and the flame-kissed hot dogs. Don’t let your guest see you cooking on a dirty grill, that won’t create for an appetizing meal.

6.    Outdoor Furniture

Keeping on the outdoor celebration kick, have you ever been reluctant to sit on your patio furniture? If you have, then it’s definitely time to pressure wash.

7.    Fence

You should try to pressure wash your fences every year or every other year. The difference it makes will astound you. Instead of whitewashing your fence like Tom Sawyer did, you can just use a pressure washer to get it shining brightly again.

8.    Lawn and Garden Equipment

This one is self-explanatory, as we all know how dirty equipment can get that deals with dirt. Not to mention all the grass that can get stuck underneath your lawn mower. Pressure washing them every so often can help keep everything working properly and looking good.

9.    Vehicles

Don’t feel like scrubbing the tires of your car manually? A pressure washer will have those rims sparkling before you know it! Also a gentle pressure wash on the exterior of your car is much more simpler than leaning over and washing everything… I mean, you’re gonna be squirting it off with a water hose regardless so just save a step and do the whole thing with a pressure washer!

10. Outdoor Children’s Toys

The last thing you want to see is your little toddler crawling all over the toys in your backyard that look like they harvest all the germs in the world. Give them a quick wash with the pressure washer, and your kiddos will think they have brand new toys!

11.Trash Bins

Outdoor Trash cans are probably the most disgusting things ever… when you go to throw your trash away do you use a stick to open it and then run away quickly before you have a chance to get a whiff of the odor that looms inside it? Yep… time to pressure wash.

12.Cobwebs or Wasp Nests

No more searching for along broom or handle of any kind… just aim, point, and shoot and those pesky spiders and wasp will have to find a new place to call home! Just be careful and don't get stung by angry wasps!


Rent a pressure washer this weekend and make it a personal challenge to see how many jobs you can get knocked out in one go! Click here to get started!