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There’s an Unbreakable Coffee Mug that’s Gonna Build Up Your Morning!

There’s an Unbreakable Coffee Mug that’s Gonna Build Up Your Morning!

date October 20

I think we all would agree that a nice cup of coffee is one of the best ways to start the working day? Right? There’s a few people that would probably prefer a nice glass of OJ or a cup o’ tea… but for the majority, coffee is where it’s at. And who doesn’t love mugs? Even the most OCD people can’t resist adding random mugs to their collection every now and then. In fact, most people probably have an entire shelf cabinet devoted to their guilty mug pleasure. It just is what it is… we like coffee cups. Human nature.

Well, considering that we are Nickell Rental and we are here to rent you equipment so that you can tackle just about any project that you can think of, big or small. We wanted to show you this crazy awesome coffee mug that we stumbled across online. It’s called the Digger Mug, and it’s exactly what it sounds like… a mug that digs! Just kidding… well, sort of…

It’s a mug that’s built into the shape of an excavator bucket! Apparently there was an image of a mug similar to this floating around the internet a few years ago, but it wasn’t real. No one had brought it to life. Then one day, a fellow from Germany decided to make this vision a reality and boom. We have excavator mugs. Wait, it gets better. They are unbreakable for all your construction or kid-proof needs. So they are super durable… the only downfall is they aren’t microwave-safe. But, it’s okay! We’ll just heat our coffee up with more coffee, right?!

So go here to get your very own digger mug! And go here to rent your very own digger!

Happy excavating!