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The Walking Dead - Newnan Times

The Walking Dead - Newnan Times

date August 15

We love being a part of important local projects like this production being filmed in Senoia. Two areas that are very important to production companies is reacting quickly and being creative. These are two things that we do best! Read more about working with Raleigh Studios on The Walking Dead below.

- Josh Nickell


Excerpt from the Newnan Times Herald -

When AMC TV show “The Walking Dead” began filming its pilot episode in late spring of 2010, no one really knew what kind of impact the show would have. Fast-forward three years.

In the world of popular culture, the verdict is clear – it’s a smash hit phenomenon with no signs of waning interest.

In the world of local business the results are overwhelmingly promising as well. Especially because much of the filming has been or will be done in Senoia and other parts of Coweta County.

“Walking Dead” tours have certainly had a positive financial impact in terms of downtown Senoia’s local retailers. Business in town are benefiting from the tour groups that come to visit the various landmarks from the show.

The show and filming are certainly a hit with local businesses. Many are grateful recipients of the “vertical integration” business model that Senoia’s Raleigh Studios employs. Several local business owners can attest to the positive financial impacts the show has on their enterprises.

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