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The Power of Attachments for Mini Skid Loaders

The Power of Attachments for Mini Skid Loaders

date July 31

We have been increasing the fleet size of our mini tracked skid steer category. These units are becoming one of our most popular items. They are versatile, cost effective, durable, and easy to use. They have been a favorite of our landscape contractors for a few years and are beginning to replace full sized units for many applications even for commercial contractors!

Somehow, Vermeer manages to pack almost all the power of a full size unit into a small package. Plus, the smaller unit fits on small landscape trailers and has better visibility, which is most important with novice users. The tracks help cut down on existing yard damage vs a full size wheeled unit. All that, and it's cheaper to rent.

The real value comes with the attachments. Below is a list of our more popular attachments and the most common uses.


  • Auger - This attachment is perfect for digging any type of hole you need and easily beats hand held augers when large holes or multiple holes are needed. The attachment knocks out fence post holes like butter and makes quick work of 30" tree holes.
  • Boring - Need to get under a driveway or sidewalk to run power or irrigation? Don't cut it, just go under it with this handy attachment.
  • Tiller - For tough jobs (GA clay...) and large areas its hard to beat a 42" tiller with attached to a 26hp diesel engine
  • Trencher - A standard walk behind trencher leaves you with a pile of dirt and all it can do is trench. With the mini skid attachment you can swap back to the bucket to keep working.
  • Soil Cultivator - It's hard to beat a tiller attachment, except with a soil cultivator! This attachment is a beast that tills, drags, levels, and fluffs the soil. It is my new personal favorite attachment and is the best attachment for perfect gardens and new sod applications.
  • More - Just ask!