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Surface Cleaning with Pressure Washer Accessories

Surface Cleaning with Pressure Washer Accessories

date June 03

When we bought our first Hydroscrub (rotary surface cleaner), I was told it would save time and produce cleaner stripe free concrete.  Honestly, I was a little skeptical. I can tell you without a doubt,  it really works and it really saves time! I can clean my driveway, sidewalk, and back patio in a couple of hours. Cleaning an area that large used to take me all day. It doesn’t help that I’m a little neurotic and can’t stand the strips you get when using a normal pressure washer wand.

All you need is a pressure washer that sprays 3.0-5.0 GPM (gallons per minute). Typically, a good commercial 3,000-4,000 psi pressure washer will work. Some of the cheaper residential pressure washers may fool you with a high psi, but don’t have the ability to push the volume of water needed by the Hydroscrubs multiple spinning pressure tips. Our units come with the standard quick connect (not screw on). If your pressure washer doesn’t work with the concrete cleaning attachment, we have washers available for rent.

When using the Hydroscub with a properly sized pressure washer, you will notice the head float across the surface. (Just keep the scrubber moving side to side). It has a apron surrounding the lower base that is used to keep dirt particles from flying out. This apron should glide across the concrete. It is NOT designed as a scrubbing base pad. The high pressure water does all the work. (If the pressure does not lift the attachment to float along , your pressure washer may be too small.) Once it’s running, there is really nothing to it! Pro Tip: if you have any areas where the water pools, use the wand or hose to push out the dirty water so it doesn’t soak back into the concrete.

I’m always amazed at how great concrete looks after being pressure washed. It makes your whole yard look better! Sometimes I get so carried away that I almost felt like doing my neighbors sidewalk in Sharpsburg. Almost...

Pro Tip: The attachment also works well on other flooring surfaces like stone, wood, and tile. Just make sure it does not damage the grout or surface in a corner before doing the whole area.