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So You’re Probably Wondering, “What Social Button is This?!”

So You’re Probably Wondering, “What Social Button is This?!”

date April 24

If you’ve been in contact with us through email, you’ve probably seen a few different icons down by our social buttons that look a bit different from any other social button that you’ve seen. Well, it’s not a social button at all. Rather, these icons are an internal resource that's used as a means to identify something very important about each team member of Nickell Rental.

There is this nifty little tool called the Motivating By Appreciation (MBA) Inventory. If you’re familiar with The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, this is similar but is focused on the workplace. The MBA Inventory™ is an assessment tool created by psychologist Dr. Paul White and Dr. Gary Chapman to assist companies in showing appreciation towards their employees, by helping each other know what form of communication is received the best by each individual, especially when it comes to making that individual feel appreciated and respected in the work environment. A part of our onboarding at Nickell Rental includes taking the MBA Appreciation Assessment, which reveals which of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace is the primary means in which that person feels appreciated.

Our team is spread across many different locations and some even work remotely, so email is one of the easiest ways to show which language of appreciation each team member resonates with the most. This is why you see those little icons at the bottom of the email signature. The goal of this assessment is to help bring out the best in one another, increasing the potential of our workmanship and the camaraderie through working together.  It is very important for us at Nickell Rental to give affirmation to our team and recognizing their strengths as the driving force behind the company. In turn, we know that when our team feels appreciated, that will spill over into our customer service too! Win/win, right?

So what are the 5 Languages of Appreciation?

As defined by, they are:


Take time to notice your colleagues’ hobbies and interests, and the food they enjoy. Buy them a small gift to show that you are getting to know them and what they enjoy.


People enjoy different types of time – “hanging out” with coworkers, working together on a project, or having someone to take time to listen to them.


Words, both oral and written, can affirm those around us. Some prefer private communication, while others value being praised in front of others.


Assisting a colleague in getting a task done can be quite encouraging to them. Help them “dig out” from being behind on a project or just work alongside them on a task.


Physical touch in work-based relationships is usually an act of spontaneous celebration – a high five, fist bump, slap on the back, or congratulatory handshake.


So next time you see one of these icons in one of our email signatures, just know that’s what reminds us of how that particular person feels appreciated – and we take it to heart!