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Seeding - Don't let your money wash away

Seeding - Don't let your money wash away

date June 13

Have you ever seeded your lawn in the hopes of starting new grass or over seeding thinning areas and it rains. This is normally a good thing, but not protecting your hard work from rain, wind, and birds can bring your project to a halt. The wind and rain ends up washing all your seeds away and promotes zebra stripes to appear when the seeds start to sprout. This situation calls for more seeding to fill in the areas you have already seeded once before. Even then, your lawn may turn into a big bird feeder. Birds are great to watch; watching them indulge in your expensive seed is unbearable. This is discouraging since you have to invest more money and the rigorous time to over seed to correct it. The process can become inefficient and expensive quickly. The only solution is to apply hay over the top of the seeds to prevent them from washing away in the rain, floating away in the wind, and being gobbled up by hungry animals.

Some things are worth the investment in renting. The Finn B40 Straw Blower; almost better than sliced bread. The Straw blower has the capability of 360 degree rotation with 6'' discharge head ensuring that there is no seed uncovered. This makes the job of covering a lawn a breeze and ensures the proper growth of beautiful green grass evenly through out your yard. This unit fits in the back of a full size pickup, or it can be towed behind most vehicles. The controls are a cinch and operated easily by anyone. The unit can shoot hay or straw 45 feet, making the hardest to reach areas no sweat. The production of the Finn B40 is remarkably fast; in a minute this machine can throw out 2-3 bales of hay. That is 4 tons of hay in one hour. (Try doing that by hand!)
Not only is this unit fast, it also lays down nice and even straw through out the property promoting strong grass growth, while keeping the freshly seeded soil damp and wet for proper germination. This helps growth and is much more appealing than having uneven  straw (which can further hinder grass growth).

The Finn is powered by a Kohler 20 hp gasoline motor, with a fuel reservoir of 4 gallons. This stout motor provides the power to get the throwing mechanism, a 17'' diameter 6 fin fan, well up to speed to reach the distance to throw your hay. The exhaust system is designed to direct any gases away from the operator.

If you are looking to freshly seed or over seed your lawn this piece of equipment is a necessary unit to properly protect your investment. Ensure your new grass has protection of its roots and soil so it can grow up healthy and green.

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