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Reach new heights with a bucket lift

Reach new heights with a bucket lift

date May 15

Have you ever pulled in your driveway and noticed that the paint is faded on your chimney and you think - "How am I gonna get up there to paint that?" Maybe, you notice a tree is leaning after the storm, or your gutters are full and have not been cleaned since you purchased your new home. Well, Nickell Rental as the answer for you!


Meet the 34' Towable bucket lift. This is a versatile unit designed for the homeowner, do-it-yourself-er, and the contractor. This lightweight bucket lift will allow you to set-up and operate anywhere in the yard whether you are looking to paint your home, do repairs and clean out the gutters, pressure wash your home, prune the trees, or hang the Christmas lights. Using the tow-able bucket lift not only helps you get any hard to reach job done, but it also helps you hold on to those hard-to-earn dollars.

While there are other lifts available that can get the job done, they are typically more expensive and have more disadvantages. At Nickell Rental, our bucket lift can be towed behind any standard truck or SUV with a 2” ball. This unit gives you an approximate working height of 40' and has an articulating boom, which allows you to access several different places from one stationary spot. Unlike those other bigger, bulkier units that weigh as much as 13,000 pounds, which can damage your yard by leaving indentations and heavy tire marks, this towable lift with hydraulic outriggers which offer a very minimal footprint on your beautifully manicured lawn.

Pro Tip: Because of the versatility of this particular piece of equipment we suggest taking a look around the outside of your home and put together a list of things you need to get done, so you can get the full benefits of using our equipment.