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New Compact Track Loaders

New Compact Track Loaders

date December 29

We are excited to be the first rental company in Georgia to debut a brand new class of skid steer to the construction tool rental market.

Every busy job site has at least one full size loader on it with a set of pallet forks. Unfortunately, what most customers really want is a track loader, but the increase in size / horsepower wasn't necessary and the increased cost out-weighted the convenience of tracks.  

We have been begging manufacturers for years to build a unit for this niche. A few have tried and failed by making bolt on tracks that never really held up or small track loaders that were essentially the same cost as their full sized relatives.

Bobcat listened and designed an exceptional machine. The new compact T450 Bobcat track loader features the same cab as the larger full size track loader and smaller standard sized wheeled unit, so you will feel right at home. Coming in at just over 60hp this compact unit is a real workhorse. Most importantly, they were able to keep it in a price range that allows us to rent it for just a bit more than a wheeled unit and less than the larger tracked skids.

Now you can have the versatility of tracks on every job site without breaking the budget. We all know the many benefits of tracks over wheels - increased traction and pushing power, decreased turf damage, ALL weather performance, etc. At only $50 a day / $150 a week / $400 a month more than a standard wheeled unit, the T450 offers an efficient economical unit to pair with a set of forks on your next job site.