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Need to Dump?

Need to Dump?

date April 16

Have you ever tried carrying a bucket of concrete from the spigot in the front of your house to your patio project behind your house? Or, how about unloading a half-dozen bags of mulch in different islands in your yard? Two words: HEA—VY!

Meet the newest member of the Nickell Rental equipment family—the Canyoncom SC75 Rubber Track Concrete Buggy from IHI available for rental now

Concrete Buggy3.jpg


The SC75 Rubber Track Concrete Buggy delivers maximum performance in nearly any environment. Unlike wheel units, the rubber tracks make navigating through treacherous conditions a cinch. Over the river and through the woods is exactly what this machine was designed for—making it a breeze to travel through wet and muddy areas, uneven terrain, and even sand and loose gravel. 

With the ability to dump up to a 90­° angle, the Canyoncom SC75 Rubber Track Concrete Buggy offers an easier and more even way to transport and pour concrete. Because of its versatility, the buggy can also be used to move many materials used in making your home and yard improvement projects a success!

For a closer look, check out this YouTube video: