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Landscaping Secrets You Should Definitely Steal

Landscaping Secrets You Should Definitely Steal

date July 24

Are you ready to turn your landscape dreams into a beautiful reality? Before getting started, learn the secrets of landscape professionals. We give you permission to steal them!


  • Have a Plan - The first step is to create a master plan that includes a drawing. But here’s the key to completing that plan - resist the temptation to complete it all at once or in record time. Taking time to target smaller projects that fit into your master plan will be easier on your sanity and your wallet. After you complete each smaller project, consult your master plan to make sure you are still on track. Also, update your drawing with plant names, placement, and dates planted.

  • Form Groups - Do your research and group plants with similar growing requirements together.  Combining plants that have similar sunlight, soil, and watering requirements will reduce maintenance for you in the long run. Group plants and trees into beds or islands that will allow for easy mowing, but don’t forget the edging! Crisp and defined edges will ensure your design remains visually appealing. This will also cut down on maintenance.

  • Buy Enough - Measure and calculate the amount of soil and mulch you need BEFORE you head to the garden center. Nothing can impede progress on your plan like running out of one of these two essential ingredients. You can use this helpful tool. Buy a few more flowers and plants than you think you will need. These are easily returned if you find they are not needed, but more often than not you will find a place that needs filling in.

  • Good Quality Tools - Cheap tools are likely to cause frustration or to break long before you complete your master plan. You will save time and money by buying and/or renting quality items.

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