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Landscaping Ideas: Plant a Living Privacy Fence

Landscaping Ideas: Plant a Living Privacy Fence

date May 24

It’s not your imagination, in the suburbs lot sizes are getting smaller. Houses are being built closer and closer together. This may have some of you saying, “Can I get a little privacy around here?!?” If this is you, today is your lucky day! We have the perfect project to ensure you only see your neighbors when you actually want to.

Go Green!

Instead of building a privacy fence, plant one! By planting a living privacy fence, you can create the seclusion you crave, block noise, and create a natural windbreak. While a living privacy fence is not a quick fix, your patience will be rewarded with a unique, botanical barrier that serves your purposes and helps save the earth!

Make a Plan

  • How high do you want your fence? Use a ladder to visualize the approximate height of the plants you will need.

  • How wide does your fence need to be? Depending on the width of the area, you may need to plant more than one row.

  • How about density? If you are looking for high density, consider staggering plants in multiple rows.

  • What about maintenance? Some types of shrubbery needs to be frequently pruned to maintain a precise shape. If you are looking for low maintenance, select plants with a natural shape you prefer.

  • What look are you going for? There are a wide variety of plant options for your living fence. Evergreen trees, evergreen or flowering shrubs, or ornamental grasses are all good ideas. You can also consider a trellis covered in vines or a structure that will support a vertical garden.

Map It Out

Before breaking ground, use string and wooden stakes to mark the exact location of your plantings. Take into consideration the mature size of your plantings.

Equipment Needs

When you are ready to go on this or any other project, the expert staff at Nickell Rental is available to answer all your equipment questions. We have the leveling equipment, trenchers, tillers, augers, and much more to help you complete all of your DIY projects easier and quicker.