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Keeping Everyone Safe Around Earthmoving Equipment

Keeping Everyone Safe Around Earthmoving Equipment

date May 24

It is no secret that improper usage of heavy machinery can cause accidents and even fatalities on the work site. Bulldozers, backhoes, graders, trenchers, compactors, and excavators can cause unintended damage to people and property if not operated safely. Accidents can happen to both newly trained and seasoned operators. Follow these guidelines to keep incidents to a minimum and allow for more productive days.

  • Check the ground for stability before moving across it with heavy machinery. Soft ground can cause a heavy machine to tip or even roll over.

  • Be aware of blind spots. If vision is limited, have a spotter stand in a safe, visible position to guide the operator. Spotters should be trained in hand signals or be equipped with an electronic communication device such as a two-way radio.

  • Before lifting and moving large loads, confirm that all workers are at a safe distance.

  • Identify and flag all overhead and underground hazards. Accidentally hitting an overhead power line with a boom or digging near an underground electrical line comes with a risk of electrocution.

  • Seatbelts save lives in the case of a rollover and they keep operators firmly planted in the seat when operating on rough terrain.

  • Falls while stepping on and off are some of the biggest causes of injury. Always maintain a 3 point contact (two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand) when getting on or off large equipment. Never jump!

  • Vibration can put a machine into motion so never leave a machine on an incline with the engine running.

  • To prevent the risk of rollover, always load and unload your equipment on level ground.

Another way to prevent accidents is to be sure all equipment has been inspected, maintained and serviced. You can rest assured that when you rent earthmovers from Nickell Rental, you will receive equipment in good working order with all safety measures in place. We take pride in providing a well-maintained fleet!