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Get Your Yard Halloween Ready! Here are some great tips!

Get Your Yard Halloween Ready! Here are some great tips!

date October 04

Halloween is one of the most creative times of the year! It’s a time where you can turn your yard into a jack-o-lantern bash, a scary cemetery, a spider-webbed circus, or even a candy corn wonderland. It’s a fun season for all whether you’re one-year-old or one-hundred years old! When trick-or-treaters dress up in their well-thought out costumes, they’ll walk up and down the street and all eyes are on…. dum, dum, dum your yard!

Don’t’ let a messy yard distract from the Halloween spirit! Here are some great tips to help your yard be in tip top shape by the 31st – whether you’re all out decorating or just keeping it low key.



First off, it’s October! Time to put away those beach umbrellas and bright colors. It’s time to settle into earth tones and cold-weather décor. Use a pressure washer to clean off your porch, deck or patio. You don’t want summer pollen and mildew to be an eyesore when trick-or-treaters mosey up your driveway.  Next it’s time to take care of all those leaves that have started to fall! Rent our backpack leaf blower that will gather all those pesky leaves up in a jiffy! Shoot, it’s so quick, you can even blow them in piles for the kids to jump and play in and then blow them back into piles for bagging! Or skip the bagging and rent our lawn vacuum that will gobble those leaves and over small debris right up. No bending or aching!

Then you can aerate your lawn to get it breathing nice and full. Or just give it a sharp looking haircut with our zero-turn mower!



·      Place carved and lighted pumpkins down your driveway so trick-or-treaters can navigate your yard with ease

·      Replace your porch light with a black light bulb and have lots of florescent things to illuminate from it.

·      Play spooky music or even a happier monster bash theme to get everyone in the groove.

·      Use a fog machine to make your yard seem extra mysterious.

·      Hang decorations from trees or stick them in the ground to go all out with a fully decorated yard on your nice clean lawn!


We hope everyone has a safe and responsible Halloween this year!