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Equipment for Chipping, Shredding, and Grinding

date March 11

Chippers and Choppers

  • Tracked Shredder - Our newest item in the chipping line-up is a drivable tracked chipper/shredder. It is one of the only units that truly handles all types of brush and debris up to 4" in diameter. No trimming needed.
  • 6" Tow-able Chipper - Perfect for small jobs where the limbs range from 1.5" to 6" in diameter.
  • 12" Tow-able Chipper - When a smaller unit just wont cut it, step up to the 85hp diesel chipper. This unit has enough power to chip anything you throw in it! 



  • Stump Grinder - Most trees leave behind an unsightly mound. Use a drive-able grinder to make it dissapear!