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Edible Landscaping

Edible Landscaping

date January 18

There is no better source for gardening information than Walter Reeves. You can find tons of useful information on his website -

This year I have focused on edible gardening with addition of grapes, blueberries, and a few other edible items. As well as, a bunch of vegetables. The key to all these plants is well-tilled fertile soil. I'm not sure if you noticed, but Georgia clay is kinda hard. You can always use a rake and a shovel, but I prefer a good tiller! We carry 4 different sizes to fit any size garden. In Georgia, adding some top soil and amendments is also helpful. I used a raised garden setup that you can find at home depot similar to this how-to video - How to Plant a Garden in a Raised Bed

For vegetables, I've also found that it is important to have good seeds or plants. I prefer heirlooms from places like Southern Exposure and Tasteful Garden vs. what you find at a hardware store. 

Planting fruit-bearing trees is very similar to planting other trees. The hardest part is digging a large hole! It took me about a day to plant 3 fruit trees, 6 berry bushes, and grape vines (complete with trellis. Having an auger was a life saver for me, but it can be done with a little more time and a shovel. Just keep in mind your hole needs to be at least 3x the size of your root ball. 

For fruit bearing plants, we have a great local source Ison's Nursery. Ison's is located on Newnan Rd. in Brooks. Conveniently located between both our Newnan and Griffin locations. With every fruit plant, you will get a complete how-to instruction sheet that makes everything pretty easy. Plus, they have some cool items like an instant orchard (produces in a year or less) and fruit salad trees (4 fruits on one tree!!). Many of these trees sell out fast, so go ahead and mark your calendar for March or April of next year if you miss them.