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Bush Hoggin'

Bush Hoggin'

date March 12


One of the most common projects that customers call with is the best way to clear or bush hog an area. We have a few items that can effectively accomplish this task. This video covers the top 3 items used to recover and clear over-grown areas.

Weed Eater with a Blade
  • Pro's - Price, Easy to access tight areas and work around objects
  • Con's - Compared to other options, it is the least aggressive and slowest way to clear an area. 

Walk Behind Bush Hog

  • Pro's - Self propelled, Handles up to a 1 1/2" sapling, more maneuverable than full size options  
  • Con's - Slower and less aggressive than a full size option  

Bush Hog Attachment for a Skid-Steer Loader -

  • Pro's - Very aggressive and can handle almost any overgrowth quickly, more powerful and maneuverable than tractor mounted bush hogs  
  • Con's - Most expensive, difficult to use in tight spaces 


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