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Avoid These 4 Curb Appeal Mistakes

Avoid These 4 Curb Appeal Mistakes

date October 02

Curb appeal matters. It matters if you want to sell your house, if you want to welcome your friends and family, or if you just don’t want to make the neighbors mad! The reason it matters is because curb appeal equals first impressions. All it takes is a glance of about 3 seconds for someone to form an opinion of your home based on the outward appearance. Let’s face it, first impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo. So the answer is to avoid these curb appeal mistakes and make a great first impression!

  • Lack of Lighting - Entryway lighting is crucial for setting the mood and welcoming nighttime guests. Combine wall sconces or lanterns with landscape, step and path lights for ideal illumination. Also, fresh new light fixtures can cast a brighter light and they give the impression that your home has been updated recently.
  • Unfinished Projects - We get it, owning a home is like owning one gigantic never ending project. Our advice is just to always complete a project before starting another one. Several obvious half finished projects in plain sight is definitely a curb appeal no-no.
  • Clutter - Clear clutter off the lawn and around your home's exterior. This includes tangled hoses, mismatched lawn ornaments, and kids' toys. Also, refrain from using the front porch as a catchall for shoes, sporting equipment, and gardening tools.
  • Untamed Landscaping - Healthy, tidy landscaping is vital for increased curb appeal. Make sure your yard is looking its best by clearing out debris, watering the grass, trimming the hedges, and putting in a few perennial flowers to brighten things up.

If you have projects on your to-do list that you have been unable to complete due to lack of equipment, come see us! We can make sure you have best tool to complete the job. The expert staff at Nickell Rental is available to answer all your equipment questions.