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A real stump grinder... Finally!

A real stump grinder... Finally!

date April 18

A real stump grinder... Finally!

Stump grinders have always been one of my least favorite rental items. They did the job okay, but they never really performed up to customer expectations and they could be very difficult to use and easy to damage. Thanks to Vermeer's complete redesign of the traditional stump cutter, this tool has gone from awful to awesome!

The two main problems with the old grinders were the drive belts getting worn out and the difficulty to operate properly. Vermeer fixed both of these problems by making the drive system completely hydraulic (which ads a ton of power) and making the grinding process essentially automated. Now you just point it towards the stump and let it go like an attack dog.

A completely unexpected improvement was the addition of a track system. Who doesn't like tracks? They are more versatile in every situation (except doing donuts in your driveway).

The new SC30TX even has something in common with the latest smart phones! It knows when you are holding it. This is huge for safety. If something distracts you and you let go of the controls, it knows and reacts to prevent any damage to the machine and people.

Of course, this tool retains the strengths of prior models - great tooth setup, reliable and easy to start engine, below ground level grinding, and simple operation.

When customers call needing to rent a stump grinder, I no longer cringe. I'm happy to recommend and introduce the Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cutter