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4 Tips to Complete Your Project On Time and In Budget

4 Tips to Complete Your Project On Time and In Budget

date April 24

Whether your job is big or small, contracted or DIY, completing it on time and in budget will always, always put a smile on your face. So what steps can you take to ensure your project is successful in these areas? And more importantly, how can can Nickell Rental help?

  • Understanding the Project Needs - To understand the scope and needs for your project, there are a few questions to keep in mind. What is the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve with this  job? What materials, tools, and equipment do you think will be needed? How much manpower will this project require?
  • Knowledge of Equipment - When you work with Nickell, you are partnering with decades of equipment expertise. Our specialty is asking questions and truly communicating with you about the details of your job. This extra step and personalized service allows us to recommend the equipment that will complete the project as efficiently as possible. Being able to eliminate the extra time spent doing a task with the wrong tool or with a worn out tool can save valuable time and money.
  • Develop a Plan of Action - Once you have considered the project needs and gained knowledge of the tools required to get the job done, it is time to put that information together in a plan of action. Get started with the mindset that you will on occasion have to adapt and modify to reach your goal. Prepare for changes and possible delays, because they will happen!
  • One final tip: Whether the manpower for your job consists of your thoughtful next door neighbor, your employees, or contracted help - keep them happy! Happy workers will produce better quality which can keep you on time and within budget.

Bring all your project ideas to Nickell Rental, from complex manufacturing facilities to historical sites to landscaping and lawn maintenance to whatever your imagination creates. We not only can help. We have the knowledge to help and we want to help. You, your timeline, and your budget will appreciate the difference!