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10 to Watch Under 40

10 to Watch Under 40

date September 03

Congratulations Josh on being selected as one of the "10 to Watch Under 40" by Rental Managment magazine. Excerpt - 


"Josh Nickell, 33, co-owner, Nickell Equipment Rental & Sales, Newnan, Ga., grew up in the equipment rental industry, but was determined not to make it a career. “However, an internship while I was in college changed my mind. The owner of the business I was interning at said he didn’t care if his product was hot dogs or insurance. As long as it was a good product, he was happy. What he really enjoyed was running the business. The light bulb went on when he said that,” Nickell says.

“I had always operated under the assumption that I had to be a mechanic to run a rental company, but what you really need is to enjoy the complexities of running a small business,” he says.

Nickell and his father, Tom Nickell, own the business together, and through his father, Josh became involved in the ARA of Georgia..."

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